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Politically-correct jokes
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On this page are jokes of a lesser degree of controversial-ness.

Jesus, Moses and an old, bearded guy were playing golf. first Moses tees off. he hits his ball and it hooks over into the water hazard. he parts the water, hits his ball onto the green and putts it in for par. Next, Jesus tees off. His ball also hooks into the water hazard. He walks across the water, hits his ball onto the green, then putts it in for par. Finally, the old, bearded guy tees off. his ball swerves *way* over, bounces off the roof of the clubhouse, down the golfcart path, over the pond onto a lily pad, where its picked up by a frog, the frog gets picked up by a bird, the frog drops the ball into the cup for a hole-in-one.
Then Moses turns to Jesus and says: "I hate playing golf with your dad."

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